Timo Soini is the leader of the True Finns party.


"The Bobrikov of Brussels. That is a figure of speech, and anyone in a public position has to tolerate public criticism. Complete nonsense from Rehn, this is no hate speech."

- Leader of the True Finns party Timo Soini explains that others have to tolerate his hate speech. Bobrikov was assassinated.

"I am a Catholic Christian. By definition I cannot be a racist."

- Leader of the True Finns party Timo Soini explains on BBC Hard Talk why he doesn't do anything about racism in his party.

“It is clear that I do not accept violence or threats of violence. Hate is a destructive force, which first destroys the target of the hatred and then the hater himself. I do not accept hatred. It is dehumanising and brutalising and damages others’ human dignity.”

- Leader of the True Finns party Timo Soini gets worried about hate speech, since he fears it will be directed at his party after Anders Behring Breivik commits a terrorist strike in Norway.

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