Heidi Kuittinen is a True Finns politician from Kirkkonummi.


“Oh, anyone who questions mainstream concepts of truth is a headcase? Even David Duke?”

- Heidi Kuittinen, a True Finns politician from Kirkkonummi, offering David Duke, a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, as an example of clear, rational thinking.

“Have you considered the option (which you’re naturally not allowed to say aloud) that Jews were in fact the real Aryans and the whole Holocaust a Jewish (Hitler was a Jew) hoax set up to have United Nations grant them their Promised Land and eternal  sympathy from other nations of the world? Talmudists have been given special treatment while they have set up this terrible plan of world domination as the slave nations look elsewhere.”

- Heidi Kuittinen, a True Finns politician from Kirkkonummi, discussing the Holocaust, Hitler and Jewish plans for taking over the world.

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